“AS THE CHURCH SUBMITS to Christ, so should wives to their husbands, in everything. Husbands must love their wives as they love their own bodies; for a man to love his wife is for him to love himself." Eph 5: 24, 28. Husband, look after your wife the way Joseph looked after Our Blessed Mother Mary. Wife, imitate our Blessed Mother Mary who humbly submitted to Joseph as her husband in accordance to God's will. The Holy Family has set the pace and we have no option but to tread that path for our good.

One of the reasons why marriages fail is the inability of spouses to resolve their differences amicably without a third party. If you love your spouse as you love your body, you will not expose him/her to outsiders no matter how close they may be to you. You and your spouse may eventually forgive each other but those who know what transpired between you will never forget it.

Rosaline was born with silver spoon in her mouth and had everything at her beck and call. And Marcus was doing well as an Associate Professor; breaking waves in academic world. By his strides, many believed, beyond the sky was his limit.  So, Rosaline who saw herself as a princess readily accepted Marcus when he came calling for her hand in marriage. Unknown to Rosaline, Marcus came from a humble birth and was desirous to shake off the poverty which riddled the past generations of his clan, and so he did. A hunter does not tell his customers the length and breadth he went to get his prey. So, Marcus kept his past secrete until Rosaline insisted when it was three weeks into their marriage, that they would not eat yam anymore.  

Marcus tried to tell Rosaline that yam had been part of him but she told him, "You can go to hell with your poor background for all I care." Unfortunately, Marcus told her, "Then, you will go to your parents' house to continue your pomposity! Are you not a Nigerian living in Nigeria?" So, two positive electric wires met and exploded.  Princess told her mother and siblings what transpired in her home and there was fire on the other side of the mountain but Marcus did not run because he was unaware. What the eye does not see, a judge does not know about. So, husband and wife went out in separate cars to cool off and returned home later.

Marcus on realizing that two wrongs cannot make a right decided to win Rosaline's heart and make that night, the most exciting one with new tricks that sent her to the peak of ecstasy. She was still full of dreams when her siblings arrived the following morning to teach Prof. Marcus the worst lesson of his life as directed by their mother, for compelling her daughter to eat yam.

Yes, before you blame the goat and lizard for climbing a collapsed wall, blame the collapsed wall. The news of the raging storm in Professor Marcus home filtered into the nooks and cranny of the campus. Someone voluntarily drafted security operatives to the spot. Those who were envious of Marcus' tall achievements voluntarily broke his peace to pieces as they broke into his house to watch the ugly event. Like Judas, when Rosaline saw how Marcus was being manhandled by her brothers, she humbly pleaded with them and begged her husband who forgave her. Many are the trials of the just man but from them all, the Lord will rescue him. He will keep guard over all his bones, not one of his bones shall be broken." Ps 33:19-20.

Parents should mind how they handle issues affecting their children who are married: it is your duty to pray for them but do not take decisions for them, lest you misdirect them and bring misfortune to innocent people. "Brother will hand over brother to death, and a father his child; children will turn against parents and have them put to death." Mtt 10:21.

Dear reader, remember that "A house divided against itself cannot stand!" There is no marriage without hiccups! When you have a problem with your spouse, try as much as possible to involve God who waits eagerly for your supplications and recognition. He will give you the grace to manage your marriage beyond your wisdom and understanding. "Unless the Lord builds the house, in vain do its builders toil. Unless the Lord guards the city, in vain does the guard stay awake! It is in vain that you rise up early and stay up late, putting off your rest, toiling for your hard-earned bread, for he provides for his loved ones even when they are asleep." Ps 127:1-2. You may read, "Let's protect the marriage institution (1) and (2) of 17th June and 1st July 2018 respectively. If you want to tell me  your experience or opinion, reach me on 08033558479.

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